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B2B and EDI Specialists

Availability & Schedule

Availability : Immediately

Senior Seeburger Integrator Architect

Senior Architect with more than 10 years of Seeburger BIS Integrator experience at the installation, upgrade, and complex migration projects.   Has worked on a dozen highly successful ESS client assignments over the last 10 years in different positions. Team member and technical leader with superior EDI, and MFT knowledge and the hands-on experience. Specialized in Seeburger technologies beginning with WinElke till Seeburger BIS6.7. Architecture design and implementation experience in several Seeburger and SAP R3 integration projects.

Availability : Immediately

Senior EDI Seeburger Developer

Dozens of successful EDI Seeburger BIS5, BIS6 Development projects. Succesful record in development of interfaces between Seeburger EDI software and a large area of business applications such as SAP , QAD, Moves, Oracle. Business process design, development and implementation skills along with mapping and system troubleshooting abilities. Experience in working with different EDI standards X12, EDIFACT, VDA, XML, multiple EDI communication protocols such as OFTP2, AS2, FTP, HTTP and SFTP, experience in BICMD, Frontend and Message Tracking Portal,

Availability : 15th of June

Partner Onboarding Analyst

Trading Partner Onboarding Analyst with great success in implementing trading partners in EDI systems. Experience in supporting and implementing EDI projects from survey and analysis to specification and delivery. Coordination with external partner(Customer, EDI Providers) and internal partners (IT, Sales, Finance, Logistics). Highly organized, efficient and process oriented, with experience working between internal stakeholders and EDI development teams to deliver required results. Good knowledge regarding data formats (ANSI, EDIFACT, VDA, SAP). 

Availability : 30 days notice

EDI & SAP Consultant

15+ Year EDI Analyst with strong SAP experience in variety of industries ( automotive, retail, food, utilities ). Have both deep and broad knowledge of EDI standards and SAP R/3 – ALE functionality, technical skills and business understanding. Involved in greenfield implementation, roll-out and support projects. Conducting analysis, designing, developing, documenting and implementing solutions and providing associated artifacts to ensure efficient and successful delivery of solutions that meet the business needs and ensures an efficient use of SAP & EDI toll. Experience with configuration and troubleshooting of IDoc’s, partner setup within SAP, and extensive experience working in SAP modules such as SD, MM, FI. Good understanding of ABAP code.

Availability : Immediately

EDI Business Analyst

Business Analyst with 5 years’ EDI experience. Experienced in working with EDI external providers. Experience of onboarding new EDI partners. Experience in EDI Standards such as: VDA, EDIFACT, ODETE, X12, Tradacom, SEEXML, iDOC’s. Drive and monitor all test scenarios with the EDI Team, ERP Teams and business key users prior to go-live in production system. Provide all the necessary support and create the necessary settings for EDI integration test scenario. Coordinate all ERP/EDI actions for Test cycles, UAT, cutover and Go Live. Monitor the in/out EDI format, get in contact with partners/ business users in order to check if the correct EDI format is sent/received. Good understanding of Seeburger tools. ( BIS6, BISLink, BICMD, Message Tracking )

Availability : 30 days notice

B2B Project Manager

Responsible for leading teams of professionals to deliver a specific product or service to a business client. Experience in planning, execution, and finalizing projects according to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members in order to deliver projects according to plan. Developing project plans and timelines, and communicating them to stakeholders, identifying and managing project risks, coordinating project tasks and activities across multiple teams, communicating with the client to understand their needs and expectations. Managing project budgets and resources. Monitoring progress and making adjustments as needed. Ensuring project deliverables meet or exceed quality standards. Facilitating team meetings and communication. Negotiating with stakeholders and vendors. Managing project scope and making changes as necessary
Strong leadership skills, be able to manage multiple tasks and projects at once, have excellent communication skills, be able to work well under pressure, and being able to think strategically.