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B2B/EDI Full Managed Services

Join our Cloud Integration

Cloud Infrastracture
Fully Cloud EDI/B2B Service supported on any system without the need for infrastructure or staffing from our client.
Supported EDI Formats
Regardless of your industry: We support all important document standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI, Tradacoms, VDA, RosettaNet, …, XML, SWIFT.
High Security
All EDI transactions use encrypted connections on redundant & fault-tolerant servers in secure data centers.
Communication Protocols
You can freely choose the communication protocols: Everything from HTTP/S, FTP/S, SFTP, EDIINT, AS2/4, OFTP/OFTP2, X.400 up to VANs, Web Services, Rosettanet, ebMS is possible.
Flexible Scalability
ESS cloud managed services solution is very flexible, that means it can scale as your business needs.
B2B Mapping Repository
Our internal Mapping Factory department makes sure you can process every EDI message, no matter what ERP system you’re using. The same applies for your outbound messages.
Global Compatibility
We support all kind of EDI formats and communications standards, with any EDI trading partner anywhere.
Web-Based EDI Solution
Getting up and running fast is critical to make sure that you’re able to exchange documents with your new B2B partners so you can make the best first impression.
All Cloud EDI hosting plans include unlimited 24x7 technical support through our online helpdesk or by phone.
Custom Reporting tools
Every stage of every EDI transaction is logged providing a complete and searchable audit trail of all inbound & outbound documents.
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Advantages on ESS's

Cloud Process

  • A cloud-based integration platform (often referred to as iPaaS) is suitable for any integration needs whether it’s B2B integrations, A2A (application-to-application) integration, EDI integration with API.
  • High Availability due to:
    • Hardware Infrastructure redundancy on BCP policies (backup, DR & business continuity etc.)
    • Modern Data Center (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified)
  • It accelerates data mappings for quicker onboarding.
  • No need of human resources to manage the EDI systems, hardware etc.
  • iPaaS has pre-built integration templates that can be reused to speed up the onboarding process so the parties can exchange information with each other faster.

The ESS cloud comes with the advantages of scalability and flexibility.
Our solution can be adjusted as integration needs increase
With this increase, performance remains at its highest level.
The customer can start with a standard package from the cloud offering and can easily migrate to a more complex environment
Flexibility, stability and scalability – from low volume to higher needs, start with the right offer (pay for what you use)
Adapting to rapidly changing market requirements through the flexibility of digital infrastructure

Our experience in multiple industries has brought us to the moment when we can integrate any type of EDI or non-EDI message.
On top of EDI integration, we provide API integration services, or large volume transfer via MFT.

You benefit from an integrated support from the point of view of the infrastructure monitoring and of the business process.

Our team is at the customer’s disposal 24/7.

We offer complete monitoring / reporting programs.

We understand the value of time for your business and that is why ESS provides a transparent and complete SLA.

This SLA was made just to show how quickly we act. Any problem is treated with priority.

The status of “Minor Incident" does not exist in our philosophy.

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What you can find on ESS

B2B/EDI Solution

Deep knowledge in business standard electronic format such as:




UBL (standard XML)



Rosetta Net

ESS’s communication protocols:









Ess benefits from a wide variety of conversion rules ().

Our experience in various business fields has led to the creation of a large number of conversion folders in multiple EDI standards and more. So, fast integration is one of our very easy goals to achieve.

Once you become an ESS customer you will have a portal through which you can track all transactions in real time.

Reporting is very important! The digitization of EDI flows brings with it the desire to have detailed reports on the flow of the business.

ESS provides individual reports based on time, number of messages, and partners.

At the same time, individual reports can be created on the content of EDI messages, so that business process control is done in real time and the risk of losing important information is close to 0.

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