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We take over all integration tasks and offer EDI Managed Services, on a high availability and secure platform, for the Small, Medium and Enterprise customers, in a clearly defined SLA. Our services cover all data formats, standards and communication protocols but also the implementation part. We support a very flexible business model in terms of pricing and our services are crafted according to the customer needs. Customers can totally focus on their business by leaving the EDI part completely to us. We make customers rapidly achieve automation of business processes and integration of business partners.

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We want to be your full-service, digital integration agency!

Don’t be afraid of change: if you want to have an integrated system from one end to the other, to forget about support, to have the necessary tools to take your IT architecture to the next level, ESS is at your disposal both with consulting services as well as with the necessary tools

we offer you the necessary expertise through our team of experts, but also the necessary programs to achieve it

The ESS team consists of consultants with over 10 years of experience in the fields of EDI, B2B, ERP. We offer the necessary expertise based on the multiple projects we have worked on.

We offer you the necessary expertise through our team of experts, but also the necessary programs to achieve it.
Our consultant could solve your actual situations, upgrade you architecture, design a clean and reliable integrated system.

ESS Cloud Solutions

A boundary less approach by migrating to the cloud services for their non core competencies. Cloud enabled EDI technologies empower competitive business models with an Agile “Pay as you Go” approach.

  • Flexibility, stability and scalability – from low volume to bigger needs, start with your suited offering (you pay for what you use)
  • Adaptation to fast changing market requirements through digital infrastructure flexibility
  • High Availability due to
    • Hardware Infrastructure redundancy on BCP policies (backup, DR & business continuity etc.)
    • Modern Data Center (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified)
  • Fast Onboarding of partners and processes
  • Secure communication with business partners
  • Transparency via the message tracking tool
  • Capability to support all EDI message formats and communication methods
  • Content Repository (mappings, process workflows etc.)
  • Preconfigured integration solution for specific industry requirements
  • Monitoring and Change Management
  • flexible pricing model, tailored for the customer needs, with a transparent and predictable cloud service
    • Customer can start small with standard package from the cloud offering and easily migrate to a more complex environment
  • No need of human resources to manage the EDI systems, hardware etc.
  • Avoid bottlenecks in project due to limited skilled specialists
  • No costs with updates, enhancements etc.
  • Generally lower TCO
  • Smooth and fast integration

ESS cloud service tailored offerings should be everything that small/medium businesses are looking for when it comes to their EDI needs. A flexible and transparent pricing model will help customers to focus on their core competencies and leave the EDI needs to their EDI Managed Service Provider.

The strong partnership with our technology partner, Seeburger gives us a competitive advantage in the Romanian market

With an increasing trend for digitalization, automation and business optimization in the Romanian market we believe ESS’s timing it’s  perfect for the partnership with Seeburger to provide single, agile and scalable business services.


ESS Consultancy Services

We offer EDI/B2B/ERP Consultancy.

Our team of consultants is different. We have the necessary experience, but especially: we work differently. Every time we stand next to the client, we understand his business model, we understand his needs, after which we come before him with various proposals based on: an attractive price model, and a flexible, safe and very easily scalable project.

We can fold on any current system, but we also offer consulting into following technologies: