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ESS offers the eINVOICE cloud service, a secure, flexible and advanced electronic invoicing solution. With us you can improve the efficiency of invoice processing by generating an ROI in an extremely short time. You can start receiving and sending invoices with partners around the globe.


Main benefits

Save time
Increased data integrity
Quality Control
Get paid faster
Security & Sustainability
Reduce costs & mistakes
It is used by many states
Loss Prevention
Increased Collaboration
Disaster Recovery
ESS eInvoice Cloud Service

eInvoice Process


National and EU legislation has gradually introduced the obligation to exchange tax documents in accordance with applicable laws in electronic format. The solution offered by us is a simple and digitized one, eliminating the need for printing, archiving, sending. the possibility for customers to perform cost savings in proportion of 80% of the current processing cost. At the same time, being a cloud computing solution, it also comes with the advantages offered by this system: short implementation time, eliminates the need to buy an individual solution, scalability and flexibility for any type of industry, and automatically with a great cost saving At the same time they are automatically archived in the cloud and can be accessed at any time by both the client and the provider.

For a 1X1 implementation (client – supplier) we offer automatic translations from all EDI formats (EDIFACT, VDA, ODETE, ANSI, Rosetta Net, Tradacoms) in the format desired by the client. (CSV, PDF, XML, JCON, iDOC …) and we provide all existing communication methods (OFTP2, AS2, X400, FTP, SFTP, VAN …)

What is e-Invoice

The electronic invoice is a document in digital format that has the following characteristics:

  • Authenticity and integrity guaranteed by the presence of the electronic signature of the issuing entity
  • The broadcast is done through an electronic device (laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • The transmission from the issuer to the recipient is made through an electronic platform
ESS eInvoice Cloud Service

eInvoice Process

EU & Global Tax Regulation

Short History

On 16 April 2014, the European Parliament and the Council voted Directive 2014/55 / ​​EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement
The main purpose is to facilitate the use of electronic invoices by suppliers of public sector entities
Defines the legal framework for establishing a European standard (EN) for the electronic invoice model.
Contracting authorities are required to receive and process electronic invoices sent by suppliers in accordance with the European standard.

Main Benefits of E-Invoice

Reducing and optimizing the costs arising from the introduction of invoices manually, the associated margin of error, the reduction of archiving space, postal and shipping fees
Integration of invoices in internal systems and automatic reconciliation of business data
Increased data accuracy, plus better processing speed
Resolving differences or disputes
Faster payment of suppliers, so automatically increased working capital
Real-time reporting of expenses

What is e-Invoice according to EU or other Global Authority

The electronic invoice is a file that contains relevant information for all parties involved in the business process: seller, buyer and government entity:

  • Relevant tax information: total amount, taxable amount, tax code applied, tax code and VAT code of the issuing and receiving entity
  • Indispensable information for correct transmission to the recipient
  • Other information relevant to the recipient, such as payment methods and terms.